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Thursday, December 20th, 2001
I'm starting to get a hang of this life outside-the-womb business at home. Mommy gives me lots of milk, but I'm such a hungry baby that sometimes I need more. So mommy or daddy give me a small bottle of formula. And I hate it! There's just no substitute for the real thing, I tell ya. Of course I show my disapproval by puking or letting out a big poop immediately afterwards. That'll teach 'em.

I'm starting to recognize different things visually: particularly mommy and daddy. Everything was so new to me at first that I didn't know what was what, but I'm beginning to focus on things.

Aside from mommy, daddy, and feeding, there are a couple more things I'm beginning to love: my hands and my "binky" (pacifier). I love to flex my fingers and grab things, like my face, someone else's finger and, of course, my binky!

In the news today, Uncle Jeffrey came over to see me again and he brought me some Christmas presents and dinner for mommy and daddy, and mommy gave me my first bath at home! Good thing, because I was getting stinky.

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