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Saturday, November 10th, 2002
Hi! Sorry, everybody, for not keeping my site updated. Daddy doesn't let me play on the computer much anymore since I tend to break things and he doesn't want his computer broken.

I sure have come a long way since I last wrote. First things first - I'm walking! Yup, I've been walking since just before I turned 9 months old, in fact. In fact, I'm starting a run now. Not very fast, mind you, but give me a break - I'm not even 11 months old yet. It sure is nice to be able to get around much quicker than by crawling and the view is a bit better, too. You should see how high I can reach now, especially when I climb on top of something. I like to climb into full laundry baskets so I can reach doorknobs, even. I'm quite the daring little baby, according to Mommy and Daddy. I mean, just because I like to walk on the bed and hang off the edge of the couch or bed as far as I can. If I get a boost from a book or something, I can even climb onto the couch, bed, and chairs. No door is safe around me, either; I just love to open and close doors!

My best trick that I've been doing even before I could actually walk, while I was just cruising around (walking while holding on to furniture), is that I can bend down at the knees to pick something up off the floor and then stand back up straight again. The doctor was amazed to find that out at my 9 month checkup - she said that that's a 15-month-old task.

Now I don't get what all the hub-bub is about, but everyone thinks I'm really handsome. I would've thought that people, especially my parents, would just get used to the idea. But they keep telling me that I'm the most handsome baby ever - and asking each other how I got to be so much cuter than either of them.

Perhaps my newest trick is talking (even though I could type since day one :). I can't quite pronounce many English words, but I have no problem saying "mamah" and "dadah". Otherwise, I mostly just make up all kinds of my own words and sounds. When I'm not talking, I like to stick my tongue out like Michael Jordan, or just have the tip of my tongue sticking out - especially when I'm walking around.

Mommy got me some wood blocks to play with a couple weeks ago. I have some fun playing with them, but I think Mommy and Daddy have the most fun building things with them. But I have to make sure they understand that they're my toys, so whenever they build something, I make sure to run over and knock it down as soon as they're done. Then I start putting them back in the bucket one by one. That's the only thing I put away. What I don't understand is why Mommy and Daddy keep putting things like books and tapes and DVDs and magazines on shelves? Haven't they figured out yet that they belong on the floor!? Silly parents. And pages? Those don't belong inside books and magazines!

I like to watch some TV, too. I know, I know, It'll rot my brain - but I watch educational shows for toddlers, so it's quite the opposite. My favorite shows are Sesame Street, Teletubbies, Dragontales, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. I also love to listen to "Raffi", he's a musician that makes songs for babies and toddlers.

Last, but not least, I'm still pretty darn big. I'm not 11 months old yet, but I'm already wearing 18-month clothes.

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