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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
Well it's been over two months since I updated my site here, so I figured it was about time I did. It sure has been exciting being a baby so far. And man have I gotten huge! At my 2-month visit to the doc, he said I was in the 90% for height and 97% for weight! He gave me some shots, too, but I didn't like that very much. And guess what?, I'll be 3 months old tomorrow!

I've come into my own these past two months, that's for sure. Not that I cried much before, because I'm a big tough-guy, but I cry even less now. But I sure do make a lot of noise, because I'm figuring out how to talk - not that mommy or daddy understand a word I'm saying! I have a lot of toys I like to play with now, too. Especially my Whoozit and my StarBall - it plays music. I tend to sleep a lot more during the night, which mommy really likes. My swing is a lot of fun, but it usually makes me very sleepy and I crash out. But man oh man, my favorite is the bath! I just love to splash around in my bath. Part of it is because I love to be naked.

I definitely know who mommy and daddy are, and I'm always sure to give them a big smile to let them know I love them. I finally figured out how to role over from my back onto my tummy a couple days ago, all by myself! I could roll over from my tummy to my back a long time ago. I told you I'm a super-genius!

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