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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
Hello again! Now that Daddy has been working hard to get both his and my site completely redesigned, he gave me a little more time to share my thoughts and experience again.

Quite a few things have happened in my world since I last wrote, obviously. First of all, I turned the big One Year Old! My birthday party was a blast. My grandparents all came to visit, as well as my Uncle Larry and Uncle Jeff, Great Grandma Radewan, and some of Mommy and Daddy's friends.

They all brought me lots of toys and clothes! Uncle Larry gave me a Tee-ball set and toy hammer-and-nails thing - it always cracks me up when Daddy hits balls in the house with the bat. Uncle Jeff gave me a Little People Zoo (I love hiding the animals around the house). Grandma and Grandpa Benjamin gave me a big toy with spiral slide that I drop balls down and it plays funny music, and a whole bunch of stylin' clothes. My Grandma "Binky" (Orian) gave me a baby doll (Daddy calls it an "Infant Action Figure", a puzzle for babies, a baby dinnerware set, a baby book, and some clothes. Mommy's friends Don and Carrie gave me a baby rocking chair, which I love to sit in, stand in, move around the house, and knock over. My "auntie" Molly gave me some wicked cool clothes, too. Great Grandma Radewan gave me some money to save until I'm old enough to spend it! And Mommy and Daddy gave me a set of baby sports balls (a football, a soccer ball, and a basketball).

But best of all, I got to eat a big piece of cake! Boy, was it sweet - especially since I never get to eat sweets!

Earlier in the month, I got to go with Mommy and Daddy to a Christmas Party and Daddy's National Guard unit. There were lots of other kids, and Santa was there (but he scared me!), and real animals from the zoo! But what I liked most was just having so much room to run around in.

And, of course, there was Christmas itself. Just two weeks after getting all those presents for my birthday, I got a bunch more for Christmas! I didn't know what to do with them all.

But now, I just love to climb. I'll climb on anything. But my parents aren't very nice, half the things I like to climb on they take away and hide: the coffee table, dining room chairs, glider, boxes, you name it. I think I scared Mommy and Daddy when I climbed onto a dining room chair and then climbed up onto the dining room table. But at least I can still climb on the couch and the big chair.

I also excel at messing things up. My Mommy and Daddy still haven't learned - I don't want things to be organized. So as soon as they pick my toys and put them away, I pull them all out (in the same order they pick them up) and scatter the pieces around the house - just the way I like them. And why do they keep putting a hat on my Infant Action Figure? Don't they know that baby's don't like hats? I have to keep taking his hat off for him so he'll be comfortable.

But I must admit, one thing I like about Mommy and Daddy cleaning is that they always vacuum the floor at the end. The vacuum is my most favorite thing in the world. I get so excited when someone turns the vacuum on that I just run all around the house making lots of noise.

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