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Saturday, January 10th, 2002
Well life sure has been exciting for me these past couple weeks, and I'm a very healthy, strong, baby. But is that a surprise? At my first checkup about a week after I was born, I was already back to my birth weight of 7 lbs 6 oz... which is a week ahead of schedule. My umbilical cord scabby thingy fell off after a week, too, also a week ahead of schedule. Mommy's best friend Dr. Rachel Goldberg, Pediatrician, says that's a good sign that I'm very healthy and a quick healer.

At my 2-week checkup, I was already up to 8 lbs 9 oz, and 22 inches long (80th percentile for length at 2 weeks). Look out world, this baby is growing fast and I'm going to be tall. I was also slightly jaundiced when I was born, but that's all gone - that means my liver is working just fine. Not only that, but I can already hold my own head up, and for more than just a few seconds, which takes most babies more than 2 months to do. That's me, way ahead of the curve.

I'm very well behaved, too. I only cry when I'm hungry, never when I need to be changed or for no reason. Mommy is taking good care of me with nursing and otherwise to make sure I'm healthy, and Daddy changes my diaper most of the time when he's around. I'm usually very good about letting him change my diaper, mostly because I'm so busy looking at myself in the mirror when he does. But I love Mommy the most and love when I can smell her near me. I sleep in bed with Mommy and always scoot over to be close to her when we're sleeping. I'm very naughty at night, though, and tend to keep Mommy up all night long.

I knew I should have kept a better eye on that Thor kitty - Mommy had a bottle of formula by the bed for supplement a couple nights ago and that naughty kitty stole it! Wait 'til I can figure out how to grab his tail!

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